Business card for the Digital Age

Despite pandemic, Brand Card is helping digital conferences come alive, and people network online with contactless digital business cards

Petrina Ten
Petrina Ten
February 3, 2021.
Very pleased with the service.
Ajay Dhunna
Ajay Dhunna
February 3, 2021.
Excellent concept! I have purchased mine and will Start using it moving forward! Good work!

Revolutionise business networking and save trees



Card Views

Of Trees To Be Saved

5 star Rating


Location Integration

Google map location for
tracking your business.


The shortest route to your
customers is through their mobile phones.

Saves Time

Save Time and Cost of
Designing and Printing Paper Cards.

Easy Share

Share easily with anyone from
anywhere with convenience and speed

Good Networking

Secure 100% leads

Custom branding

Customized according to your brand

How does Brand card work?

Brand Design

Select your personalised design
options which speaks for your brand.

Data Inputs

Choose the data which you would like
to highlight in your brand card.


Share it with anyone from anywhere
unlimited times & build networking around the globe.


Stand out from others and showcase
your elegant brand card.

Share your card with
Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Easily share your digital brand card with anyone, anytime, anywhere through WhatsApp, social media platforms and email.

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